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ANIMALS - The Largest Land Animal Ever

ART - 10 Halloween Masks You Can Print at Home
With only a few days to go 'til Halloween, don't sweat it — we've got you covered with an easy, stress-free costumeSee also: 10 Kids Unaware of Their WTF Halloween CostumePrint these masks and combine them with basic clothes for that very last-minute costume party. Don't see any options you like? There are tons more out thereThe hardest part about 'em is getting the printer to work. The best part about these easy-peasy costumes? They all come at ...

BOOKS - ArtsBeat: Book Review Podcast: Brain Gain
Clive Thompson discusses his new book, “Smarter Than You Think. .. ...

BOOKS - Book Excerpt: Blessing


CLIMATE - 'Cli-Fi': One Answer to a Climate Problem?
I think it was Soli Townsend of Futerra who observed that there has never been a science fiction book where the future was powered by fossil fuels. So it is no wonder that the emerging genre of climate science fiction, what Danny Bloom has called "cli-fi," goes for extremes in this direction. Whether it is utopian or dystopian visions that the authors are bringing forth, or perhaps a mixture of the two, it has seemed to me lately that cli-fi h ...

CLIMATE - Geoscientists building whole-Earth model for long-term climate clues
A Rice University-based team of geoscientists is going to great lengths—from Earth's core to its atmosphere—to get to the bottom of a long-standing mystery about the planet's climate .. ...

CLIMATE - Rising temperatures challenge Salt Lake City's water supply
In an example of the challenges water-strapped Western cities will face in a warming world, new research shows that every degree Fahrenheit of warming in the Salt Lake City region could mean a 1.8 to 6.5 percent drop in the annual flow of streams that provide water to the city .. ...

EARTH - Big Pic: An Overactive Russian Volcano Covers Kamchatka In Ash
Klyuchevskaya NASA Earth Observatory images by Robert Simmon, using Landsat data from the USGS Earth Explorer. Russia's Klyuchevskaya volcano, one of the most active in the world, has been erupting since mid-August. Last month, it became even more intense, spewing ash from its summit (16,000 feet above sea level) in a plume that reached 32,000 feet above the Earth, along with fountains of lava. NASA's Landsat 8 satellite grabbed a shot of Kl ...

EARTH - Supervolcanoes Found in Maine! (Yes, Maine)
Maine has supervolcanoes. Wait, Maine has volcanoes? Yes, and their eruptions could have been among the biggest ever on Earth .. ...

ECONOMICS - London Wants To Be A Center Of Islamic Finance: Why?
Prime Minister David Cameron says the U.K. could issue Islamic bonds as early as next year. The country is already the biggest Islamic finance center outside the Muslim world, and Islamic financing was used to build the Olympic Village. But most important, the sector is expected to grow threefold globally by 2017

ECONOMICS - Study explains how a job-market system lands couples in the same city
A new study in the growing "market design" field of economics explains how a job-market algorithm helps land couples in the same locations .. ...

EDUCATION - Medical education is still worth the cost, study finds
(Medical Xpress)—In 2000, the soaring dot.com industry crashed. Seven years later, the housing boom ended abruptly. With tuition rates swelling, could the medical education market be the next bubble to burst .. ...

ENERGY - Colder weather, lower renewable drive spot prices higher
PRAGUE (Reuters) - Central European spot power prices rose on Friday as cooler weather is expected to drive up demand and on forecasts for lower wind power output, traders said ..

ENVIRONMENT - Male birth defect weakly linked to pesticide exposure
A study of several hundred chemicals used in commercial pesticides has found only weak evidence that any of them are associated with a common birth defect in male infants ..

FASHION - Sweaters: All ages – in pictures
How to work sweaters, whatever your age. Stylist: Priscilla Kwateng.

FASHION - The "perfect sweater": Appalatch launching 3D printed wool sweaters (Video)
Striving to offer durable, locally-sourced wool sweaters that are 3D printed for a perfect fit for each customer, American outdoor apparel company Appalatch is looking to Kickstart their next move .. .

HOMES - Billionaire Tesla CEO Elon Musk Buys Neighbor's Home in Bel Air For $6.75 Million


HOMES - Popular household products put to the test


HOMES - The Passivhaus's fabric-first approach to energy efficiency
The building does the work, from super-high insulation to absolute air-tightness and harvesting the sun's energy through windowsIt may sound – and sometimes look – like a facility for pacifying particularly violent criminals, but Passivhaus is in fact the gold standard for ultra-low energy homes, which is enjoying increasing popularity as heating bills continue to rise at astronomical rates. Developed in Germany in the early 90s by Bo Adamson and ...

PEOPLE - 4 insane things rich people blow their money on
Wealthy excess has been a fact of life since the first king convinced local farmers to worship him as a god, but in modern times the wealthy have tended to be a bit more low key with their money. Until recently, anyway. In the five years since the Great Recession vastly increased global inequality to levels not seen since before World War II, the one percent have rediscovered a love for financial largess that rivals the court of Louis XIV. The w ...


PEOPLE - The things people say they regret the most in their old age (20 Photos)
A few examples of life's biggest regrets. There's a lesson to be learned here....

PLANTS - 15 Hawaii animals, plants added to endangered list
The federal government says an eyeless shrimp and 14 other Hawaii creatures and plants have been added to the endangered species list .. ...

SCIENCE - 2013 Academy of Finland Awards go to Sven Bossuyt and Kari Kalliokoski
The Academy of Finland recognised two distinguished researchers in Helsinki on Thursday 24 October 2013. The Academy of Finland Awards were presented to Academy Research Fellow Sven Bossuyt from Aalto University and Academy Research Fellow Kari Kalliokoski from the University of Turku ..

SCIENCE - Can an oil bath solve the mysteries of the quantum world?
For the past eight years, two French researchers have been bouncing droplets around a vibrating oil bath and observing their unique behavior. What sounds like a high-school experiment has in fact provided the first ever evidence that the strange features of the quantum world can be reproduced on a macroscopic scale .. ...

SCIENCE - Computer-generated images influence trial results
Recent cases involving the use of computer generated images as evidence in courtrooms have shown the powerful impact they can have on jury decision making. But studies show that jurors can be unduly influenced by these images and videos .. ...

SPACE - 'Hybrid' Solar Eclipse to Dazzle on Sunday
The moon will blot out the sun Sunday (Nov. 3) in an eclipse that will be visible from eastern North America to the Middle East ..

SPACE - 10-Year-Old Boy Discovers 600-Million-Year-Old Supernova
Young Canadian Nathan Gray, age 10, has discovered a supernova candidate in the field of the galaxy designated PGC 61330, which lies in the constellation of Draco (the dragon).Read more.. .. ...
10-Year-Old Boy Discovers 600-Million-Year-Old Supernova

SPACE - A Planet Just Like Ours, Except It’s on Fire

SPACE - Earliest galaxy ever detected: Infant universe more active than thought?
The surprise finding of a young galaxy from a survey that was not designed to find such bright early galaxies suggests that the infant universe may harbor a larger number of intense star-forming galaxies than astronomers believed possible. This means theories and predictive models of the distribution of galaxies' star formation activity may need revision ..

SPACE - Galaxy growth examined like rings of a tree
(Phys.org) —Watching a tree grow might be more frustrating than waiting for a pot to boil, but luckily for biologists, there are tree rings. Beginning at a tree trunk's dense core and moving out to the soft bark, the passage of time is marked by concentric rings, revealing chapters of the tree's history ..

SPACE - NASA to Air Next Space Station Launch Live in Times Square
NASA will broadcast the next launch to the International Space Station in New York City's Times Square on Nov. 6 at 11:14 p.m. ET.The three-person crew, which includes NASA astronaut Rick Mastracchio, Russian Federal Space Agency Soyuz commander Mikhail Tyurin and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency astronaut Koichi Wakata, will launch in a Soyuz spacecraft from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. They will join six other crew members who are a

SPACE - Researchers succeed in predicting the spread of microbes in spacecraft
Research scientists from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland participated in the EU's and Russia's joint BIOSMHARS project for developing means of controlling harmful microbes in manned spacecraft. The spread of microbes in closed spaces could be reliably predicted. By using the research results and calculation models, methods can also be developed for the management of the spread of microbes and bacteria in hospitals, public transport

SPACE - Sun emits fourth X-class flare in a week
The sun emitted a significant solar flare—its fourth X-class flare since Oct. 23, 2013—peaking at 5:54 p.m. on Oct. 29, 2013. Solar flares are powerful bursts of radiation. Harmful radiation from a flare cannot pass through Earth's atmosphere to physically affect humans on the ground, however—when intense enough—they can disturb the atmosphere in the layer where GPS and communications signals travel. This disrupts the radio signals for as long as ...

SPACE - The United Nations Wants to Save Us All From Asteroids

SUSTAINABILITY - The Wonderbag is an electricity-free slow cooker that can slow deforestation, reduce violence and make a hearty stew!
This simple, electricity-free slow cooker can help stop deforestation, reduce violence and make a hearty stew ..

TREES - How to choose an apple tree
Forget the fancy names: choosing apple trees should be all about the flavourWhen I finally had a garden big enough for apple trees, the 18th-century variety 'Orleans Reinette' was one of the first I planted. Why? Because apple enthusiast Edward Bunyard told me to. "This magnificent fruit cannot be too highly recommended," he raves in his Handbook Of Hardy Fruits, published in 1920. Bunyard describes it as "very crisp, sweet, juicy and of the high ...

URBAN - Actively cutting energy bills in Oldham – welcome to the 'Passivhauses'
A Passivhaus looks like any other home, but it's not, thanks to a box of tricks in the loft that's helping residents' health and wealthAs the first bitter autumn wind whips off Crompton Moor, pensioner Inez and her son David, who live below in the Lancashire town of Oldham, have the heating on high and the double-gazed windows of their three-bedroom house tightly shut.They have just paid £550 for the gas they used over the three summer months and ...

URBAN - Green Buildings: A Matter Of Health, Not Just Energy
Sure, the green buildings movement is about energy savings, water efficiency and CO2 emissions reductions – all important matters that impact the long-term health of the planet. But there’s a more immediate and personal health element to the movement, as well. And in Northern California, the U.S. Green Building Council, famous for running the LEED certification system, is looking to elevate health as a concern when it comes to
green buildings health

WIND - Ashegoda Wind Farm — Largest Wind Farm In Africa — Now Online
The 120 MW Ashegoda wind farm in Ethiopia, now the largest wind farm in the whole of Africa, officially went online last weekend. As it stands, Ashegoda has actually already transferred around 90 million kWh of electricity to the grid. Now that its fully online it’s expected to produce around 400 million kWh a year.The project, which was announced in 2008, was constructed over the last few years in a series of stages. When the first stage we ..
Image Credit: EEPCo

WIND - Brazil wants to build enough wind turbines to power Sao Paulo within 7 years
Brazil's economy is growing fast, and it is expected to need an increase of 50% in power generation capacity over the next decade ..

WIND - Offshore Wind Has Tremendous Investment Potential
Originally published on Roen Financial Report. By Harris Roen.A significant alternative energy investment theme with potential for growth over the next few years is offshore wind. This article looks at the promise of marine based wind, potential pitfalls, and names three investments that could benefit from large-scale offshore wind development that is likely coming.The Potential of Offshore WindIn 2011, the U.S. Department of Energy and the .
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WIND - US Has 11 Offshore Wind Farms in the Works (Sort Of)
Image Credit: Shutterstock.com The U.S. is steadily inching toward installing some offshore wind power, with nearly a dozen projects in the works, according to a new report prepared for the Department of Energy. But although the report labels all of those projects as being in the “advanced stages” of development, their prospects are far from certain. And global industry trends -- including a shift toward bigger ...

WORK - 7 Career Lessons From Billionaire Abigail Johnson
Her name may not have household recognition like other billionaires who regularly make appearances in newspaper and magazine headlines, but Abigail Johnson is a major power player in the financial world ..

WORK - High unemployment? Blame high home ownership, study says
High levels of home ownership are strongly linked to subsequent rises in unemployment because labor mobility becomes reduced, according to new research. Using data going back to 1950 across all U.S ..

WORK - Job Growth Slowed Further In October, Survey Signals
Just 130,000 jobs were added to private payrolls this month, according to the latest ADP National Employment Report. In addition, the September gain was revised down

WORK - Work commutes getting longer and gender differences persist
On average, Swedish men and women have different commuting habits. Despite an increasingly gender-equal society, traditional household patterns are changing very slowly. The regional enlargement in many parts of the country – or geographic extension of labour markets – imply longer commuting times. These are the key conclusions of a new doctoral thesis from the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg ..

WRITE - An Interview About Contemporary Poetry-Reviewing with Poet, Editor, and Critic Seth Abramson
{NB: On July 31, 2013, the above author was interviewed on the subject of contemporary poetry-reviewing by poet and editor Joshua Marie Wilkinson. Due to a now-resolved dispute between Wilkinson and the author over an unrelated article on American Conceptualism, "The Most Interesting Thing About Conceptualism Is That It Doesn't Exist," this interview was not run in the Reviews Issue of The Volta published on November 1, 2013.

WRITE - Are Young Writers Interesting?
The question of whether or not my writing could be interesting to anyone else besides my friends and family never occurred to me until recently. At 22, I have written two unpublished novels, and am currently working on a third. The only publication to my credit besides articles in a university newspaper is a short story in an online literary magazine. A story that probably less than 100 people have read -- but does that mean at my relatively

WRITE - German journalists urged to shun Google and Yahoo


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