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AIR - Air pollution causes 200,000 early deaths each year in the US, study finds
esearchers from MIT's Laboratory for Aviation and the Environment have come out with some sobering new data on air pollution's impact on Americans' health.

ANIMALS - 'Walking' shark discovered in Indonesia
A new species of shark that "walks" along the seabed using its fins as tiny legs has been discovered in eastern Indonesia, an environmental group said Friday ...
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ANIMALS - Adopting a Rescue Pet: What to Consider
Before you run out to your local shelter looking for a new best friend, take a moment to think about your decision: adopting a cat or dog is no small thing. It requires the right environment, the right attitude, and the willingness to train, exercise your animal, and pay veterinary bills. You may not find the perfect match the first or second time you visit a shelter, so be patient ...

ANIMALS - Do Octopuses Feel Pain?
The past couple posts have described some pretty severe experiments on octopuses, including: showing how octopus arms can grow back after inflicted damage and how even severed octopus arms can react to stimuli. (For the record, animals in the studies were anesthetized and euthanized, respectively.) Without getting too far into the woods (or reefs) of animal treatment ethics, the question remains: How much pain and distress can these relatively sh ...

ANIMALS - Dolphins filmed having fun with a blue whale (Video)
The ocean might seem solely a perilous place, where countless marine creatures are endlessly fighting for survival in the dark depths. But as it turns out, for our seagoing mammalian counterparts at least, life among the waves isn't harsh enough to keep from having a good time ...

ANIMALS - How Octopus Arms Regenerate With Ease
Like a starfish, an octopus can regrow lost arms. Unlike a starfish, a severed octopus arm does not regrow another octopus. But the biological secrets inside their arm regeneration feat do hold the promise of learning more about how we might better regenerate our own diseased or lost tissue. If not whole limbs, at least perhaps fresh nerves or organ segments ...

ANIMALS - Leaders Are Born, Not Made, Fish Study Finds
An experiment to train bold stickleback fish to be followers and shy fish to be leaders produces unexpected result ...

ANIMALS - Mosquitoes smell you better at night, study finds
In work published this week in Nature's Scientific Reports, a team of researchers from the University of Notre Dame's Eck Institute for Global Health, led by Associate Professor Giles Duffield and Assistant Professor Zain Syed of the Department of Biological Sciences, revealed that the major malaria vector in Africa, the Anopheles gambiae mosquito, is able to smell major human host odorants better at night ...

ANIMALS - Research reveals how elephants 'see' the world
Designed with middle school students, study helps to inform better practices for protecting these endangered animals. Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2013-08-reveals-elephants-world.html#jC ...

ANIMALS - Spider venom reveals new secret
University of Arizona researchers led a team that has discovered that venom of spiders in the genus Loxosceles, which contains about 100 spider species including the brown recluse, produces a different chemical product in the human body than scientists believed ...

ANIMALS - We've Been Looking at Ant Intelligence the Wrong Way
How intelligent are animals? Despite centuries of effort by philosophers, psychologists and biologists, the question remains unanswered. We are inclined to tackle this question using a top-down approach. It seems intuitive to start with our own assumptions about human intelligence, and design experiments that ask whether animals possess similar anthropomorphic abilities ...

ART - Breaking the code of royal purple
Royal purple, the color of robes swathing the emperors of Rome, ancient kings and high priests, and prized for its richness of hue and a brightness that wouldn't fade, has long carried its own molecular mystery ...

ART - The Wikipediafication of Fine Art
A lot of Renaissance art is stuffed with symbols we hardly see now: oh, that orange on the table in Van Eyck’s Arnolfini Wedding? Means sex and money, like a boss. Or before The Fall because it’s not an apple. The single, lit candle? The Holy Spirit. Spheroid mirror with the shadowy figure looking at the scene? Both the artist and God at the same time ...

ART - What's the worst misunderstanding of computers in pop culture?
You know computers? Those magic boxes that can do anything — unless the entire Internet is taken down by a virus of course. Pop culture often has a fuzzy idea, at best, of how computers actually work. But what's the most heinous misrepresentation of how computers work in pop culture ...

BIRDS - Human language and birdsong both acquired through stepwise imitation
Songbirds and humans both learn to vocalize by imitation and produce their respective sounds in much the same way, by arranging syllables into sequences. Very little is known, however, about how this ability arises during development. Kazuo Okanoya from the Laboratory for Biolinguistics at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute, as part of collaboration with a research team from the City University of New York, have now shown that humans and songbirds ...

BOOKS - Asimov's 2014 Predictions Were Shockingly Conservative For 1964
In 1964, sci-fi legend Isaac Asimov penned a piece for the New York Times with his predictions for the world of 2014. Looking at the World's Fair of 50 years hence, Asimov imagined 3D TV, underground cities, and colonies on the moon. Many people online have hailed this as an incredible example of prescient thinking, but what sticks out to me is just how shockingly restrained—unoriginal, even—his predictions were for the time ...

BOOKS - Jesus the Rebel: Bearer of God's Peace and Justice by John Dear
John Dear presents Jesus as a rebel who opposed the culture of violence in his time with an inner peace and love for his enemies. Here is an interpretation of the meaning of Matthew 7: 13-14 ...

CLIMATE - Alberta's climate will get warmer, drier, report says
A new report from an institute at the University of Alberta paints the clearest picture yet of how climate change will reshape the province's landscape.
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CLIMATE - East Antarctic glaciers could be much more vulnerable to climate change than previously thought.
The warming, melting and potential contributions to sea level rise from glaciers in Greenland and West Antarctica in the face of climate change has long since been a serious concern. The behavior of the much larger East Antarctic ice sheet has been much more uncertain and until now has been thought to be relatively insensitive to climate change ...

CLIMATE - Is the Pacific Ocean Responsible for a Pause in Global Warming?
From the 1940s through the 1970s there was no major warming trend in the average surface temperature of Earth. At the same time, the tropical Pacific Ocean, which is responsible for the weather patterns known as El Niño and La Niña that can swing global average temperatures by as much as 0.3 degree Celsius, was anomalously cold. For the past decade or so the tropical Pacific has again gone cold—more Niña than Niño—and ...

CLIMATE - Pacific sounds warning on climate change
The Marshall Islands has warned that the clock is ticking on climate change and the world needs to act urgently to stop low-lying Pacific nations disappearing beneath the waves ....
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CLIMATE - Stepping into the Arena of Climate Change Education
I’m not a climate change science researcher. I’m an earth science educator first and foremost in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy at my University. Until recently, I have avoided addressing climate change in the university courses I instruct for a number of reasons. While working on my doctorate in science education in the late eighties, I took some graduate glacial geology course ...

EARTH - Acoustic Waves Warn of Tsunami
n early warning system against tsunamis has been developed and tailored for the need of the Mediterranean, but preparedness on the ground is paramount to ensuring peoples' safety ...

EARTH - Fukushima radioactive plume to reach US in three years
The radioactive ocean plume from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear plant disaster will reach the shores of the US within three years from the date of the incident but is likely to be harmless according to new paper in the journal Deep-Sea Research 1.

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EARTH - Second Grand Canyon discovered beneath Greenland’s ice sheet
"There's still so much to learn about the planet" An enormous ravine, the longest in the world and comparable in depth to the Grand Canyon, has been discovered underneath Greenland’s thick ice sheet ...
Enclosure: image/jpeg http://media.salon.com/2013/08/canyon-1024x906-e137786546847

EARTH - Wildfire Expected to Burn Deeper into Yosemite National Park
A wildfire raging in the northwest part of Yosemite National Park was expected to advance farther into the park on Tuesday and continue to threaten a reservoir that supplies most of San Francisco's water ...

ECONOMICS - Banks Put a Price on Earth's Life Support
It is not easy to put a value on an intact forest, a clean river, or unpolluted air, but that is what a group of the world's biggest banks is attempting to do. They have agreed that the present economic system uses and often destroys the environment without paying to do so. And that, they say, is not sustainable ...

ECONOMICS - How Cell Phone Carriers Stiff Consumers
'Fixed' Price Contract ...

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ECONOMICS - Jailed Men Express Need for Financial Education
Is anyone surprised that brushes with the law are often related to finances? As one jailed man interviewed in a new University of Illinois study put it, "Most of us are in here because of money.&quot

ENERGY - A Tale of Two Energy Priorities – Told In Charts
According to the latest data from the UT Energy Poll, here’s where Americans most want to see their tax dollars spent ...
Enclosure: image/jpeg http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/history-of-geology/wp-co

ENERGY - Energy's Next Big Market: Transmission Technology
Earlier this week, General Electric announced a partnership with China’s XD Electric to develop and market high-voltage transmission and distribution technology worldwide. As part of the deal, GE completed a previously announced purchase of 15 percent of XD for $552.2 millio ...

ENERGY - Iceland wants to know: “who needs coal when you have FIRE?”
A quick check-in from the road. Occasionally I see ads in different countries that give perspective on how that country views energy and I try to snag pictures if I can. These two ads offer a juxtaposition of resources and current energy issues ...
Enclosure: image/jpeg http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/plugged-in/files/2013/08

ENERGY - Scientist Invents Street Light Powered by Microalgae that Feeds on C02
French Bio-chemist Pierre Calleja works for the startup company, Fermentalg. Fermentalg is a cleantech company that specializes in the development of sustainable solutions through exploiting the properties of microalgae ...
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ENVIRONMENT - Government Urged to "Step In" to Halt Fukushima Plant Leaks
The Japan government is being called on to intervene as the power company responsible fails to cope and regulators upgrade the severity level of the leakag ...

ENVIRONMENT - To better protect US coasts, research suggests mixing engineering and ecology
As the peak of hurricane season menaces the Northern Hemisphere, a researcher at the University of Kansas is promoting fresh approaches to safeguarding American coastlines from storm surges, tsunamis and mounting sea-levels ...

FASHION - Chemistry team creates spontaneously forming supramolecular nanotube yarn
A team of chemists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing has created an alternative to carbon nanotubes. In their paper published in the journal Advanced Materials, the researchers describe how they built a supramolecular yarn from monomers that is as strong as polypropylene, a common plastic

Enclosure: image/jpeg http://cdn.physorg.com/newman/gfx/news/tmb/2013/chemistrytea

FASHION - Gurus Natural Rubber Sandals Offer Eco-Twist On Flip-Flops
Gurus are the brainchild of Prem Thomas and Joe Choorapuzha, two entrepreneurs who met while working in NYC and later found out that their families grew up on the same street almost 7,500 miles away in Kerala, India ..
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FASHION - Interior Of Nike’s Newest Store Made Entirely From Recycled Trash
If the scope of this project seems a little incredible, rest assured that Miniwiz is well versed in the art of creating modern architecture from trash. In 2010, Miniwiz completed the EcoARK, a building many call the world’s largest building built out of plastic bottles — approximately 1.5 million of them ...
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HOMES - This Eco-Friendly ‘Homeshell’ Was Built In A Day. Literally.
Remember when building your own house was a difficult and complicated process, involving architects, contractors, and possibly years of agonizing construction? Well, those days are officially history. Modular, pre-fabricated buildings are all the rage, and with drastically lower costs and wait times, probably here to stay ...

MOVIES - Biggest Box Office Hits and Misses of Summer 2013
Was this the most brutal movie summer? It certainly felt that way. Tons of massive films completely tanked at the box office, and some of our most highly anticipated movies were huge disappointments. But this summer also beat last summer for total ticket sales. Here are the summer's biggest winners and losers ...
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MOVIES - Internet Shopping, as Conceived in 1961: Plenty of Rocket Deliveries Thursday Morning [Video]
I know, you’re disappointed that we don’t have the flying cars and moving sidewalks as promised in those old film reels from the 1950s and 60s that you may have seen in school. But this clip, from the AT&T Archives and History Center, does do a great job predicting how we shop in the digital realm today. The daily rocket deliveries for pâté a la bergère are not here, of course, but airplanes and cold packs have proved to b ...

MOVIES - Loki reveals why Thor: The Dark World is a secret Avengers sequel!
The Man of Steel sequel is headed to the Motor City. Check out Guardians of the Galaxy set photos and hear from star Chris Pratt. Bong Joon Ho might not be forced to chop up Snowpiercer for American audiences after all. Another Game of Thrones character gets recast. Plus Arrow is adding DC Comics' most famous wall. Spoilers from here on out ...
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MOVIES - The Essential Guide to September's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy
Fall is here, and science fiction and fantasy are taking you where you've never gone before! There are tons of new TV shows, including Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Plus some great movies, including the return of Riddick. Plus Stephen King's sequel to The Shining! Here's everything you can't miss in September ...

MOVIES - These Conversations Remind Me Why I Love The Ninja Turtles
I was trying out the new game, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows and after hearing a couple of these conversations between the brothers I decided to just stop and record them all. Take a look! Oh, and Mikey is obviously still the best turtle ...

MOVIES - Watch the insane documentary for the bafflingly dangerous Action Park
We've covered the deadliest water park in America before, highlighting the world's most dangerous water slide the Cannonball Loop. but now there's an entire documentary about Action Park and the many, many dangerous deeds that went on inside this New Jersey amusement park, and why it's so fantastic ...

MOVIES - Why Stardust deserves to become a movie classic
Most movie adaptations of fantasy books make disappointing changes to the source material — but over at Tor.com, Emily Asher-Perrin argues that Stardust is a rare exception. And she makes a strong case that Matthew Vaughn's adaptation of Neil Gaiman's book deserves to become a fantasy film classic ...

MUSIC - Mellow Music May Help Stave Off Road Rage
A quick switch to mellow music in the car may make you a safer driver, researchers say. Promptly changing to soothing music is the most effective way to calm down while driving in stressful conditions that could trigger road rage, found the study published in the Aug. 30 issue of the journal Ergonomics ...

MUSIC - Music Lessons Enhance the Quality of School Life
A new study, published in Music Education Research, examined whether an extended music education had an impact on pupils' experienced satisfaction with the school. Nearly a thousand pupils at ten Finnish schools with extended music classes and comparison classes participated on a survey that measured the quality of school life at Year 3 and Year 6 ...

MUSIC - Passionate Appearance Enhances Musical Performance
Viewers, including professional musicians, more reliably picked the winners of music competitions when they watched silent videos of performances versus hearing the sound. Cynthia Graber report ...

PEOPLE - An alternate history of Michael Jackson and the black space age
In 1985, Ebony ran this hopeful image of Michael Jackson, projecting what he would look like at the age of 40. Today it's like a wistful imagining of what might have been, if Jackson's career had taken a different turn. These pictures are just one part of a fascinating article on black retro-futurism by Rebecca O'Neal at Death and Taxes ...

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SCIENCE - Adam Rutherford's Creation Science
Science journalist, author and Nature editor Adam Rutherford talks about new book Creation: How Science Is Reinventing Life Itself, which looks at the science of the origin of life and at the emerging science of synthetic biology ...

SCIENCE - CERN laboratory to host first stand-up comedy night
Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider facility are using humor to promote their researc ...

SCIENCE - How Robert Wood's creepy invention helped the Allies win World War I
Robert Wood helped perfect one invention. That invention made a lot of creepy science photos, gave a distinctive character to raves, and, oh yeah, helped the Allies win World War I. How? By hiding signals in plain sight ...

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SCIENCE - Physicists use element 115 to highlight a way for taking new superheavy elements' fingerprints
An international team of researchers presents fresh evidence that confirms the existence of the superheavy chemical element 115. The experiment was conducted at the GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research, an accelerator laboratory located in Darmstadt. Under the lead of physicists from Lund University in Sweden, the group, which included researchers from Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) and the Helmholtz Institute Mainz (HIM), was a ...

SCIENCE - Physics team suggests possible way to make quantum cryptography available in handheld machines
A team of physicists at Bristol University in the U.K. has proposed a possible way to allow for quantum cryptography between a large station and a small hand held device. They describe such a technique in a paper they have uploaded to the preprint server arXiv. Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2013-08-physics-team-quantum-cryptography-handheld.html#jC ...

SCIENCE - Scicurious Guest Writer! Quantum Machines Become Reality
As a child, I would close my eyes and think that everyone else was plunged into darkness too. It doesn’t take long to realize that, actually, the rest of the world remains the same whether you’re looking at it or not. But twenty years and a physics degree later I’ve started to ask that same question I thought I solved at age three; do things really stay the same when we aren’t looking at them? According to quantum mechanics, the answer is no ...

SPACE - Ancient Jewelry Had Extraterrestrial Origin
Iron is a great material for making tools. But the oldest known iron artifacts were actually intended for decoration: nine Egyptian beads that date back to 3200 B.C. And now we know that this ancient jewelry has an even more impressive origin—the iron out of which it was crafted came from space ...

SPACE - Maybe Mars Seeded Earth’s Life, Maybe It Didn’t
The idea that a young Mars, some four billion years ago, was a far more hospitable and temperate place is not particularly controversial – although it is certainly not understood in any great detail. Now, at the annual Goldschmidt conference on geochemistry, the notion that it was Mars, not the Earth, that was the better place for life’s origins has been getting some attention. Indeed, as reported in this piece at BBC News, it sounds like there m ...

SPACE - Researchers a Step Closer to Finding Cosmic Ray Origins
The origin of cosmic rays in the universe has confounded scientists for decades. But a study by researchers using data from the IceCube Neutrino Observatory at the South Pole reveals new information that may help unravel the longstanding mystery of exactly how and where these "rays" (they are actually high-energy particles) are produce ...

URBAN - 5 Awesome Houses You Won’t Believe Are Pre-Fab b
Despite recent economic upheaval, owning a home is still a life goal for many people. In addition to finding a house in the right location that suits aesthetic desires, a growing number of consumers are concerned about impact of building materials and energy efficiency. There was a time when addressing these concerns meant a big uptick in cost, but increased availability of pre-fabricated eco-friendly home designs is changing that ...
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URBAN - You could live in this NYC apartment that looks like a 1960s spaceship
There is some hot-ass retro spaceship design going on inside this New York City apartment. For only 14.95 million, this blast from the past (but straight into your future) could be yours ...
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WATER - New Wave Of US Support For Ocean Energy
Sixteen million dollars is a pittance in the larger energy scheme, but for wave and new tidal technologies in their infancy, every little bit of help is surely appreciated. Seventeen projects will get a piece of the new funding pie served up this week by the U.S. Department of Energ ...

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WIND - Farmers Harvest Wind Energy In Nebraska
A group of Nebraska farmers are attempting to put a new face on renewable power in their state. If they succeed in persuading a utility to buy their power, they will be the first local owner-producers in Nebraska to generate electricity with wind turbines on their land, and to sell it to a utility for distribution ...

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WORK - America Adds 1000s Of New Green Jobs Ahead Of Labor Day
America saw more than 38,600 new clean energy and clean transportation jobs announced in the second quarter of the year, with California, Hawaii and Maryland the top three states for jobs, according to a survey of new clean energy projects. Just in time for Labor Day, the survey, compiled by Environmental Entrepreneurs, says 58 clean energy and transportation projects were announced in the second quarter of 2013, representing over 38,900 jobs in ...

WORK - Research suggests perfectionism and work motivation contribute to workaholism
Research from psychologists at the University of Kent suggests that being a perfectionist and highly motivated at work contributes directly to being a workaholic ...

WORK - Where Cloud Computing Jobs Are Today
Gaining insights into cloud computing hiring trends is invaluable to understanding the competitive landscape and direction of new application and platform development ...

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