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ANIMALS - Sensing love: Meet deaf dogs who got new leashes on life


ANIMALS - The First Animals In Space
Some of these space-faring animals gave their lives for the sake of discovery, but many of them returned safely to Earth. Here are the stories of these incredible and brave animal explorers.
The First Animals In Space

ART - Area parks inspire colorful leaf crafts
Hooray for fall! Okay, you’ve waved goodbye to summer and said hello to school. Even though you’ve put away your bathing suit, there are lots of new outdoor adventures for the crisp, cool days ahead. One of the best ways to spend free time this fall is to savor the beauty of leaves once their bright green color gives way to incredible hues of oranges, reds and yellows. Read full article >&#62 http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/kidspost/local-parks

ART - Artist With Cerebral Palsy Uses Technology To Create Beautiful Hands-Free Artworks
Astro Saulter was born with cerebral palsy, severely limiting his ability to move or communicate. Despite this disability, Saulter, a 34-year-old from Negril, Jamaica, is an established digital artist. The gifted creative crafts colorful and imaginative forms from fantastical portraits to exotic birds using tools like Inkscape and EZ-Keys, which allow Saulter to create without using his hands. Saulter's computer connects to a head-switch on the b ...

CLIMATE - Climate change: Fast out of the gate, slow to the finish the gate
Research has focused on the amount of global warming resulting from increased greenhouse gas concentrations. But there has been relatively little study of the pace of the change following these increases. A new study concludes that about half of the warming occurs within the first 10 years after an instantaneous step increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration, but about one-quarter of the warming occurs more than a century after the step increase ...

CLIMATE - Tackling Climate Change ‘Would Save Millions of Lives’
By Damian Carrington, The Guardian Tackling climate change would save millions of lives a year by the end of the century purely as a result of the decrease in air pollution, according to a new study. Cutting air pollution from curbing fossil-fuel use could prevent millions of premature deaths – even without factoring in the impact of other climate impacts such as more extreme weather and sea-level rise. Credit: Simon For ...

CLIMATE - International science panel 95% sure global warming is humans' fault, urges 'substantial and sustained' greenhouse gas reduction
Global warming is almost certainly the fault of human beings, a new report by the United Nations climate panel states. It offers 95 percent certainty of that assertion, based on "some 2,500 pages of text and...millions of observations and over 2 million gigabytes of numerical data from climate model simulations," and it cites over 9,200 scientific papers (75 percent of which are from the last three years). The report also suggests "substantial an ...
International science panel 95% sure global warming is humans fault, urges 'substantial and sustained' greenhouse gas reduction

CLIMATE - Temperatures to rise 0.3-4.8 C this century, UN panel says
A UN panel said Friday it was more certain than ever that humans were causing global warming and predicted temperatures would rise by 0.3 to 4.8 degrees Celsius (0.5-8.6 degrees Fahrenheit) this century .. ...

CLIMATE - Top climate scientists set greenhouse gas cap to limit climate change
A group of top climate scientists found in a new report that human beings needs to limit all man-made carbon emissions below a total of 1 trillion tons in order to limit climate change – and noted that the planet had already reached half that amount by 2011

CLIMATE - U.N. Dials Back Temperature Projection [VIDEO]
A U.N. report on climate change said that while human activity is “extremely likely” to blame for global warming, temperatures aren’t expected to rise as quickly as previously thought. Gunnar Myhre, coordinating lead author for the IPCC, explains this to the Wall Street Journal.U.N. Dials Back Temperature Projection (via Wall Street Journal Digital Network)A U.N. report on climate change said that while human activity is “extremely likely” to bla ...

CLIMATE - UN Climate Panel Warns Of Rising Temperatures
UN climate panel warns of rising temperatures (via AFP)A UN panel said Friday it was more certain than ever that humans were the cause of global warming and predicted temperatures would rise another 0.3 to 4.8 degrees Celsius (0.5-8.6 degrees Fahrenheit) this century. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate… .. ...

CLIMATE - UN panel's climate report sparks concern
Scientists, environmentalists and politicians reacted with concern Friday as a UN climate panel warned temperatures could rise by as much as 4.8 degrees Celsius (8.6 degrees Fahrenheit) this century due to man's voracious energy consumption .. ...

CLIMATE - Climate Panel Says Upper Limit on Emissions Is Nearing
Top climate scientists have reinforced the finding that global warming is caused primarily if not exclusively by humans, and is likely to get significantly worse if efforts to limit the emissions are not rapidly accelerated .. ...

CLIMATE - IPCC Report: Humans are the ‘dominant cause’ of global warming
Our climate is changing, no doubt about it. The festering controversy we're in has been about whether humans have anything to do with it. A comprehensive report by a UN-sponsored climate panel may now finally put the issue to rest — and we're most certainly to blame.Read more.. .. ...
IPCC Report: Humans are the ‘dominant cause’ of global warming

EARTH - Pakistan's New Island: Photos
The latest before and after images of Pakistan's new island .. ...

EARTH - 125 Years of 'National Geographic' in 10 Incredible Photos
Despite the never-ending supply of candid images, manipulated pictures and amateur cellphone shots, the art of photography still thrives in the digital ageNational Geographic, an institution for first-rate photography, celebrates its 125th anniversary in October. In honor of the milestone, the publication's latest issue is devoted to the "Power of Photography." See also: 43 Breathtaking Photos You'll Never Forget"Today photography has become a g ...

EARTH - Cemeteries are running out of space – how do you plan to be laid to rest? | Open thread
Tell us if you've reserved a plot or if you'll be cremated or launched into spaceA BBC survey has shown that nearly half of cemeteries in the UK could run out of space in the coming decades. Even more urgently, a quarter of local authorities said that they would have no more space for burials within the next 10 years. Plans to re-use graves by burying original occupants deeper in their plots are being considered by many councils.Do you have plans ...

EARTH - The Alien-Life Summit
This piece is adapted from Five Billion Years of Solitude: The Search for Life Among the Stars by Lee Billings .. ...

ECONOMICS - Congressman: Don’t Listen To Economists On Debt Ceiling
When it comes to paying the nation’s debts on time, Rep. John Fleming (R-FL) prefers to trust his gut rather than heed the unanimous warnings of professional economists. “Economists, what have they been doing?” the three-term congressman said in the New York Times on Friday. “They make all sorts of predictions.”“Many times they’re wrong, so I don’t think we should run government based on economists& ...

ECONOMICS - DealBook: In This Battle Arena, Warriors Are Armed With Algorithms
BattleFin, a recruitment firm for hedge funds, stages tournaments to find math whizzes who can apply their knowledge of other fields to the financial world

ECONOMICS - Ten Least Livable Cities
According to The Economist Intelligence Unit, a division of The Economist magazine, these 10 cities have seen the biggest decline in livability over the last five years. While mostly all of the decline is due to civil unrest and large scale protests, some cities have declined because of economic strain on the population .. ...

EDUCATION - The importance of responsive interactions for language learning
Young children readily learn words from their parents, grandparents, and child care providers in live conversations, but learning from video has proven more difficult. A new study questioned why and found that it's the responsiveness of the interactions that's key: When we respond to children in timely and meaningful ways, they learn - even when that response comes from a screen. The study, by researchers at the University of Washington, Temple U ...

ENERGY - China’s solution to coal may be worse than coal
The so-called airpocalypse, in which the air quality in Beijing officially became a public health hazard, seems to have spurred China into action toward reducing carbon emissions. But one of its best plans to do -- converting coal to natural gas -- so may end up being even worse for climate change.China has already approved nine proposals to open synthetic natural gas plants in areas far away from its major cities. As many as 30 more are awaiting ...

ENERGY - Arctic Methane: Going with the flow
by Dr Jennifer Muller, University of Manchester Sunday 22nd September. [More]-- Read more on ScientificAmerican.co .. ...

ENERGY - California Energy Commission staff to hold Vehicle-Grid Integration Roadmap stakeholder workshop
The staff of the California Energy Commission will conduct a workshop to gather input from stakeholders on a draft outline of a Vehicle-Grid Integration Roadmap document on 8 October in Sacramento, California. In March 2012, California Governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order directing state government to help accelerate the market for zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) in California. Executive Order B-16-2012 establishes milestones on a path to ...

ENVIRONMENT - Drugs, caffeine, chemicals found in Great Lakes worry researchers
Pharmaceuticals, caffeine and items such as toothpaste additives have been found farther out in the Great Lakes than ever before, according to a new study that also raises concerns about their levels .. ...

ENVIRONMENT - Promoting environmental justice worldwide
The increasing social metabolism of the world economy and the global competition for resources is placing ever-greater pressure on the environment and on vulnerable communities. This trend is set to continue, increasing the potential for more conflicts over scarce resources and environmental protection .. ...

FASHION - Around The World, Notions Of Beauty Can Be A Real Beast
In pursuit of beauty, women around the globe subject themselves to complicated and bizarre, not to mention dangerous, procedures. In the West, that can mean going for darker skin. In Africa and parts of Asia, the opposite is the goal. Seriously, a sister just can't win.» E-Mail This     » Add to Del.icio.u .. ...

FASHION - Asymmetry, modernity bloom at Dior's secret garden in Paris
PARIS (Reuters) - A colorful yet eerie pleasure garden greeted guests to the Dior fashion show in Paris on Friday, as artistic director Raf Simons introduced "a new tribe of flower women" to the.. .. ...

FASHION - Men's coats: All Ages - in pictures
How to work men's coats, whatever your age. Stylist: Aradia Crockett. Photography: David NewbyDavid Newb .. ...

FASHION - T Magazine: In Store | A New York Flagship for the Maker of the Ultimate American Motorcycle Jacket
To celebrate its centennial, Schott NYC — manufacturer of the Perfecto, worn by everyone from James Dean to Lady Gaga — is opening a store and staging a special exhibit .. ...

FASHION - Women's plaid shirt: the wish list – in pictures
Plaid shirts are back, wear it with a leather pencil skirt for a grown-up grunge look. It's 1994 all over again – albeit with a modern twistMelanie Wilkinso .. ...

HOMES - Restored 12th century manor wins Stirling Prize
A thousand year old castle becomes a holiday house. But is it really restoration or preservation, or something completely different .. ...

PEOPLE - What would celebs look like as ordinary people?
Some people are fortunate enough to have a dedicated team of hairstylists and make-up artists to ensure they look impeccable at all times. Then there’s the rest of us.An artist named Danny Evans imagined what celebrity megastars would look like without constant professional grooming .. ...

PEOPLE - Women: want to become a writer, artist or academic? Don't bother
David Gilmour's depressingly sexist comments about women writers show we are still fighting, in 2013, for it to be acknowledged that women can achieve greatness. Laura Bates rounds up the week in sexismIt's been a bad week for sexism. It is testament to the sheer heady heights to which sexism has soared this week that the decision by Amazon and eBay to sell T-shirts with slogans such as "Sometimes No Means Yes" and "The Rapist" under the helpful ...

PEOPLE - Overpopulation Is Still the Problem
Overpopulation remains the leading driver of hunger, desertification, species depletion and a range of social maladies across the planet. Recently, a spate of op-ed essays have filled the pages of some of world's top newspapers and blogs -- from the Guardian to the New York Times -- challenged this view, declaring that overpopulations is not, nor has ever been, a problem. To make progress in the most recent round of the age-old debate between ...

PEOPLE - Private lives
I don't know how to explain these marks to any of the women I have dated and have always struggled with forming intimate relationships. What should I do?I'm a 27-year-old male virgin, with a history of self-harm. I started harming myself during a difficult childhood and have since resolved those issues, but have always struggled to develop any form of intimate relationship. My concerns about being inexperienced in bed are worsened by the fact my ...

SCIENCE - DNews: The Science Behind Blowing Stuff Up
Did you know the founder of the Nobel Peace Prize also invented dynamite? Trace discusses this and other fun facts about explosives with Tory Belleci, Mythbusters alum and host of a new show on TestTube.com called Blow It Up .. ...

SCIENCE - The world's sharpest X-ray beam
At the X-ray light source PETRA III, scientists have generated a beam with a diameter of barely 5 nanometers -- this is ten thousand times thinner than a human hair. This fine beam of X-ray light allows focusing on smallest details

SCIENCE - 'Solid Light' Made from Photons
Researchers have made light act like a solid -- bringing the lightsaber to life (sort of). Continue reading

SCIENCE - A step up in wavelength to reduce size of short-distance communication systems
A device that can manipulate radiofrequency signals could soon reduce the size of short-distance communication systems .. ...

SCIENCE - Detected radio bursts evidence of 'exotic phenomena'
The detection of four short bursts of radio waves, possibly arising from explosions billions of light years away, could be powerful tools to study our Universe, according to research published in Science .. ...

SCIENCE - Why do we live in three dimensions?
New Scientist's MacGregor Campbell gives us the rundown on why – of all the dimensions – we live in the third one. What is the deal with space's essential... three-ness?Read more.. .. ...

SPACE - "NASA will shut down almost entirely."
I was a little surprised the President specifically mentioned NASA in his comments. Of course these folks and the minimum number of people required to support them will be at work tomorrow.Read more.. .. ...
"NASA will shut down almost entirely."

SPACE - A 'cosmic weather balloon' at the center of the Milky Way
The radiation field at the centre of the Milky Way must be 1,000 times stronger than in the area surrounding our sun. Astrophysicists of the "Milky Way Galaxy" Collaborative Research Centre of Heidelberg University used computer simulations to reach this conclusion. The calculations of the researchers from the Centre for Astronomy of Heidelberg University and the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy are based on the data from a type of "cosmic weat ...

SPACE - Are there any realistic scifi scenarios for space travel that could come to pass in the 21st century
Are there any realistic scifi scenarios for space travel that could come to pass in the 21st century? Futurist Peter Schwartz says there are — and over at Forbes, Elise Ackerman lays them out for us. Read more.. .. ...

SPACE - Asteroid near-miss reported by Russian scientists
A 15-meter asteroid, similar to the object that exploded above Russia in February, moving at a speed of 16km per second, was detected hours before it narrowly missed Earth over the weekend, according...This is a summary of the article, please click on the link to visit our website to view the full article. Thank you .. ...

SPACE - Billionaires battle in private space race
Sept. 27 (Bloomberg) -- In a battle of billionaires, space ventures owned by Internet pioneers Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are relying on prominent former lawmakers as they jockey for control over a historic launch pad at Kennedy Space Center.The Florida launch pad was mothballed after the U.S. retired its shuttle fleet in 2011 and turned to countries such as Russia to ferry astronauts to the International Space Station. It’s now coveted by Musk’s S ...

SPACE - Magnetic fields are crucial to exomoon habitability
Astronomers believe that hidden deep within the wealth of data collected by NASA's Kepler mission are minuscule signatures confirming the presence of exomoons. With such a promising discovery on the horizon, researchers are beginning to address the factors that may deem these alien moons habitable .. ...

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