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ANIMALS - Fish monitoring stepped up in bid to stop invasive species
An invasive fish species currently occupying the Chapman River is being monitored in research exploring the effectiveness of different capture methods

ANIMALS - Leopardus Guttulus — New Species Of Wildcat Identified In Brazil
A new species of wildcat has just been identified in Brazil by researchers from the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul. The new species — Leopardus guttulus — is currently listed as threatened.It had previously been assumed that there was just a single species of housecat-sized Brazilian tigrina, but now new research has revealed that the tigrina populations of northeastern Brazil are genetically distinct from those in southern Brazil .. ...
Leopardus guttulus

ANIMALS - Sensing love: Meet deaf dogs who got new leashes on life


ANIMALS - The First Animals In Space
Some of these space-faring animals gave their lives for the sake of discovery, but many of them returned safely to Earth. Here are the stories of these incredible and brave animal explorers.Read more.. .. ...
The First Animals In Space

ART - Artist cultivates magical microcosmic worlds with miniature bonsai trees
Built around tiny trees, this artist creates imaginary worlds that evoke a sense of magic and wonder .. ...

ART - Area parks inspire colorful leaf crafts
Hooray for fall! Okay, you’ve waved goodbye to summer and said hello to school. Even though you’ve put away your bathing suit, there are lots of new outdoor adventures for the crisp, cool days ahead. One of the best ways to spend free time this fall is to savor the beauty of leaves once their bright green color gives way to incredible hues of oranges, reds and yellows. Read full article >&#62 .. ...

ART - Artist With Cerebral Palsy Uses Technology To Create Beautiful Hands-Free Artworks
Astro Saulter was born with cerebral palsy, severely limiting his ability to move or communicate. Despite this disability, Saulter, a 34-year-old from Negril, Jamaica, is an established digital artist. The gifted creative crafts colorful and imaginative forms from fantastical portraits to exotic birds using tools like Inkscape and EZ-Keys, which allow Saulter to create without using his hands. Saulter's computer connects to a head-switch on the b ...

BIRDS - Neurobiologists investigate neuronal basis of crows' intelligence
Scientists have long suspected that corvids – the family of birds including ravens, crows and magpies – are highly intelligent. Now, Tübingen neurobiologists Lena Veit und Professor Andreas Nieder have demonstrated how the brains of crows produce intelligent behavior when the birds have to make strategic decisions. Their results are published in the latest edition of Nature Communications .. ...

BOOKS - Book Excerpt: The Enneagram of Passions and Virtues
On humility as the knowledge of the true human position in the cosmic scale

BOOKS - Book Excerpt: The Essential Rumi


CLIMATE - $7 Trillion to Fight Climate Change?
Today’s policies to combat climate change cost much more than the benefits they produce. Unfortunately, bad political choices often make these policies even less cost-effective .. ...

CLIMATE - 'Forecast Bust:' Why 2013 Hurricane Predictions Were So Wrong
Forecasters expected the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season to be really busy — the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration told Americans to expect between seven and 11 hurricanes. But this year has been one of the quietest on record. Why were the predictions so far off?» E-Mail This     » Add to Del.icio.u .. ...

CLIMATE - Climate Change Is Now in the Developing World’s Hands
This past weekend, exhausted diplomats from around the world climbed into fossil fuel–powered airplanes and bade good riddance to Warsaw, Poland. They had spent two weeks holed up in the frigid capital engaging in what has become an annual Kabuki dance over what to do about climate change. Almost exactly as has happened in prior international climate change conferences—gatherings that, like the falling leaves, have become autumnal rites—intonatio ...

CLIMATE - Elucidating heavy precipitation events
It is difficult to forecast heavy precipitation events accurately and reliably. The quality of these forecasts is affected by two processes whose relative importance has now been quantified by a team at the Laboratoire d'Aérologie (CNRS / Université Toulouse III-Paul Sabatier). The researchers have shown that these processes should be taken into account in low wind speed events. Their findings should help forecast these events, which repeatedly

CLIMATE - Indian Ocean phenomenon helping to predict extreme weather
A phenomenon in the Indian Ocean that affects events in southeast Australia is helping to predict extreme weather up to six months in advance .. ...

CLIMATE - New generation of climate models capable of simulating abrupt climate change
Scientists have, for the first time, demonstrated that climate models are able to simulate past abrupt changes in the Earth's climate – giving more confidence in predictions of future global climate change .. ...

CLIMATE - International science panel 95% sure global warming is humans' fault, urges 'substantial and sustained' greenhouse gas reduction
Global warming is almost certainly the fault of human beings, a new report by the United Nations climate panel states. It offers 95 percent certainty of that assertion, based on "some 2,500 pages of text and...millions of observations and over 2 million gigabytes of numerical data from climate model simulations," and it cites over 9,200 scientific papers (75 percent of which are from the last three years). The report also suggests "substantial an ...
International science panel 95% sure global warming is humans fault, urges 'substantial and sustained' greenhouse gas reduction

CLIMATE - Temperatures to rise 0.3-4.8 C this century, UN panel says
A UN panel said Friday it was more certain than ever that humans were causing global warming and predicted temperatures would rise by 0.3 to 4.8 degrees Celsius (0.5-8.6 degrees Fahrenheit) this century .. ...

CLIMATE - Top climate scientists set greenhouse gas cap to limit climate change
A group of top climate scientists found in a new report that human beings needs to limit all man-made carbon emissions below a total of 1 trillion tons in order to limit climate change – and noted that the planet had already reached half that amount by 2011 .. ...

CLIMATE - U.N. Dials Back Temperature Projection [VIDEO]
A U.N. report on climate change said that while human activity is “extremely likely” to blame for global warming, temperatures aren’t expected to rise as quickly as previously thought. Gunnar Myhre, coordinating lead author for the IPCC, explains this to the Wall Street Journal.U.N. Dials Back Temperature Projection (via Wall Street Journal Digital Network)A U.N. report on climate change said that while human activity is “extremely likely” to


EARTH - TIL Switzerland has no official capital city
submitted by mitchellrj [link] [62 comments .. ...

EARTH - With mountains of data, tech experts work to help farms weather climate shifts
If farmers can't change the weather - or a seesawing climate - perhaps data-crunchers can outwit Mother Nature .. ...

EDUCATION - Aardvark Founder Max Ventilla Is Trying To Turn Education On Its Head With AltSchool
Alice, a single mom living in Daly City, was facing major roadblocks with her public school system. Her five-year-old son was advanced enough to enter first grade instead of kindergarten. And her older son, who was about to enter third grade and had been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, hated school.She knew there was a better educational alternative but couldn't afford to send her kids to private school.
boys_ipad (1)

EDUCATION - From Shop Class To Shipyard: Oregon's Plan For Industrial Interns
Manufacturers in Oregon want to hire high school students. But they don't want the kinds of high school students that colleges are after — the kind who have amazing test scores and will spend hours perfecting essays. They want teenagers who want to paint, weld and work with their hands. The hope is that those teens will turn into enthusiastic workers in an industry where the current workforce is headed toward retirement.

EDUCATION - Penn State racing to be the first college on the moon
Pennsylvania State University is racing to be the first college on the moon. Since 2011, a team of faculty, researchers, and students has been hatching "Lunar Lion," a robotic spacecraft that is four feet in diameter and weighs 500 pounds. The team hopes that by landing in December 2015 and completing a precise series of tasks, it will win an international competition known as the Google Lunar Xprize .

ENERGY - Electricity generated from gravity
Mexican entrepreneurs developed a system capable of using the vehicular flow to generate electric energy. This development has the potentiality to produce sufficient electricity to power up a household through a device that "catches" the force of the moving cars

ENERGY - Environment group sues China oil giant for nearly $10 mn
A Chinese government-backed environmental group said Friday it has launched legal action against state-owned oil giant PetroChina for almost $10 million over pollution

ENERGY - Self-powered water and energy meter uses polar bears and melting icebergs to shorten your showers
A smart water meter powered by the flow of water through it is said to be able to save users up to $135 a year on water and energy costs

ENERGY - US Navy Announces Energy Excelerator Winners
Earlier this month, the US Navy-funded Energy Excelerator program announced the 15 clean energy startups that would make up its 2014 cohort. Six of the “winning” startups will receive $1 million each to demonstrate their technology in Hawaii as part of the Energy Excelerator’s growth stage program. In addition to funding 6 new growth-stage startups, the group also selected 9 promising startups from its field of applicants
2014 energy excelerator

FASHION - Iron-based process promises greener, cheaper, safer drug, perfume production
Researchers have developed a series of techniques to create a variety of very active iron-based catalysts necessary to produce the alcohols and amines used in the drug and perfume industry. The new synthetic methods promise to be safer and more economical and environmentally friendly than traditional industrial processes .. ...

HOMES - 11 great reasons why Passive House is such a great green building standard
If the Passive House (or Passivhaus) standard was the building code standard, our houses would use a lot less energy and would be a lot more reslient

HOMES - Pono Home Is Changing The Way People Live In Honolulu
Originally published on Green Living Ideas. By Andrea Bertoli.Pono is a Hawaiian word that translates to uprightness, balance, righteousness, or correctness. This sense of balance or uprightness inspires the ethos of Pono Home, which works to encourage people to learn more about sustainability and climate change by making connections between the costs associated with excessive energy usage, wasteful water usage and toxic home products.
pono home

PEOPLE - Costumed As Homeless, Mormon Bishop Teaches A Lesson In Compassion
A Mormon Bishop in Taylorsville, Utah, went to great lengths last Sunday to teach his congregation a lesson. David Musselman disguised himself as a homeless person and walked around outside before the service. Then, in character, he walked up to the pulpit and asked to deliver remarks. He tells Ari Shapiro what happened next.

PEOPLE - Japanese 'Prince' Switched At Birth Was Raised A Pauper
A court has ruled that a social welfare organization that ran a hospital where the mix-up occurred must pay the man about $317,000 for causing him "mental distress by depriving him of an opportunity to gain a higher education." The 60-year-old man is a truck driver. The boy raised in his place by the rich family became the president of a real estate company.

PEOPLE - TIL Ghandi refused his wife be treated with western medicine, which could have prevented her from dying. Weeks later, Ghandis life was most certainly spared when he accepted treatment from western doctors.
TIL Ghandi refused his wife be treated with western medicine, which could have prevented her from dying. Weeks later, Ghandis life was most certainly spared when he accepted treatment from western doctors.

SCIENCE - A Universe Made of Stories: Why We Need a Science and Technology Dialogue
Image Courtesy of Pixabay/OpenClips In quantum mechanics, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle holds that it is impossible to determine both the position and momentum of a particle. Heisenberg’s breakthrough relates to a subject of vital importance to America: the need for better communications practices in the science and technology fields.

SCIENCE - New state of liquid crystals discovered
(Phys.org) —New collaborative research, carried out by Dr. Vitaly P. Panov, Research Fellow, and Jagdish K Vij, Honorary Professor of Electronic Materials of Trinity College Dublin's School of Engineering, Department of Electronic Engineering, has found the twist bend nematic phase of liquid crystals (LCs)

SCIENCE - Pushing the limits of light microscopy
A team of researchers from the IMP Vienna together with collaborators from the Vienna University of Technology established a new microscopy technique which greatly enhances resolution in the third dimension. In a simple set-up, the scientists used the translation of position information of fluorescent markers into color information. Overcoming the need for scanning the depth of a sample, they were able to generate the precise 3D information at th ...

SCIENCE - Scientists' powers and ways they shouldn't use them: Obligations of scientists (part 2)
In this post, we’re returning to a discussion we started back in September about whether scientists have special duties or obligations to society (or, if the notion of “society” seems too fuzzy and ill-defined to you, to the other people who are not scientists with whom they share a world) in virtue of being scientists. You may recall that, in the post where we set out some groundwork for the discussion , I offered one reason you might think

SCIENCE - Snapshots differentiate molecules from their mirror image
Researchers are able to reveal the spatial structure of chiral molecules from work done to develop a method that takes a snapshot of chiral molecules, revealing their spatial atomic structure. The molecule's handedness, or chirality, can be directly derived from this information

SPACE - 44 million stars and counting: Astronomers play Snap and remap the sky
(Phys.org) —Tens of millions of stars and galaxies, among them hundreds of thousands that are unexpectedly fading or brightening, have been catalogued properly for the first time

SPACE - A self-healing satellite? Students seek your funds to launch prototype
Imagine if your spacecraft was punctured and it could do the repair itself, without the need of you going outside on a dangerous spacewalk. Well, a Canadian team has a prototype idea that could lead to self-healing structures in space. The concept is all set, and they're asking for financial help to launch it on crowdsourcing platform Kickstarter .. ...

SPACE - ESA's new vision to study the invisible Universe
The hot and energetic Universe and the search for elusive gravitational waves will be the focus of ESA's next two large science missions, it was announced today

SPACE - In the Mojave, a scientist-entrepreneur works to 're-create Martians'
The sun is fading, the temperature is dropping and this desert party is just getting started .. ...

SPACE - Telescope to track space junk using youth radio station
A combination of pop songs, talkback radio and cutting-edge science has enabled Australian astronomers to identify a way to prevent catastrophic, multi-billion dollar space junk collisions, a new study has revealed

SPACE - This rover could hunt for lunar water and oxygen in 2018
In 2018, NASA plans to go prospecting at the moon's south pole with a rover—possibly, a version of the Canadian one in the picture above. The idea is to look for water and similar substances on the lunar surface, with an eye to learn more about living off the land, so to speak

SPACE - This rover could hunt for lunar water and oxygen in 2018
In 2018, NASA plans to go prospecting at the moon's south pole with a rover—possibly, a version of the Canadian one in the picture above. The idea is to look for water and similar substances on the lunar surface, with an eye to learn more about living off the land, so to speak .. ...

TREES - Barcodes for trees: Study identifies genetic fingerprints of endangered conifers
In the tropics and subtropics, many evergreen conifers are endangered. Biologists at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) have collected the world's largest Podocarpaceae collection. Together with colleagues from The New York Botanical Garden, they sequenced characteristic parts of the DNA of these conifers in order to generate a "DNA barcode" for each species.

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