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ANIMALS - A Puppy Named Tobias Can’t Hold Back His Joy (Video)
This puppy, recently adopted and named Tobias, ran so fast that his owners had to get out the slow motion camera to capture his excitement as he romps through the outdoors.Great Activities You Can Enjoy With Your DogHere is an introduction to some great things people do with their dogs. Most activities welcome all dogs, whether purebred or of mixed breed heritage. Some of these activities are classed as "working dog" activities, but are also done ...

ANIMALS - Are Some Dog Breeds More Aggressive?
It's widely debated whether a dog's level of aggression toward strangers is due to its breed, or the way its owner raises it. Anthony gets to the bottom of this question and finds the reasons why certain dogs can be so aggressive .. ...

ANIMALS - Elephants can tell difference between human languages
African elephants can differentiate between human languages and move away from those considered a threat, a skill they have honed to survive in the wild, researchers said Monday .. ...

ANIMALS - The weird and wonderful world of sea worms
Photographer Alexander Semenov captures the peculiar beauty of polychates .. ...

BOOKS - Book Excerpt: You Will Be My Witnesses
John Dear on the power and impact of the life of Dorothy Day on the Church .. ...

CLIMATE - Democrat Senators to Stage All-Night Session of Climate Change Speeches
More than two dozen Democratic senators will take to the floor to show their commitment to tackling climate change.More than two dozen Democratic senators will take to the Senate floor on Monday for an all-night session of speeches on climate change.The marathon session will get underway after the last vote on Monday night and could last until 9am on Tuesday, Senate staff said.The high visibility all-nighter was organised by a new initiative, the ...

CLIMATE - Public Transit Usage Is at Its Highest Level in More than Fifty Years
More than 10.65 billion passenger trips were taken last year.jpmartineau/FlickrA new report from the American Public Transportation Association released on Monday puts the level of public transportation users at its highest since 1956. More than 10.65 billion passenger trips were taken last year.One of the conclusions drawn from the report’s data refutes the idea that public transit use rises and falls in response to factors such as gas prices an ...

CLIMATE - What the Ukraine Crisis Means for the Energy Industry
Four ways that energy politics are shaping the standoff with Russia.Russian troops, in uniforms without insignia, continue to surround Ukrainian military facilities in the Crimea region. Valery Matytsin/ITAR-TASS/ZUMAHere’s how it’s been in Ukraine: Cheap natural gas; crooks and oligarchs in both Ukraine and Russia skimming money from the energy sector; and understandably squeamish foreign investors balking at having skin in the game.On top of al ...
Russian troops, in uniforms without insignia, continue to surround Ukrainian military facilities in the Crimea region. Valery Matytsin/ITAR-TASS/ZUMA

EARTH - Forget just getting rid of Daylight Saving Time, let's get rid of time zones and go local
We don't need time zones to keep the trains running on schedule anymore. We don't need them at all .. ...

EARTH - Indigenous Message on Water (Video)
What is Indigenous Message on Water?In keeping with the Indigenous World Forum on Water and Peace*, our anthology Indigenous Message on Water… Is a multi-lingual book (English/Spanish/Native language/s) gathering wisdom, thoughts, verses, short-stories, poems, and general reflections on the various local issues pertaining to Water. Is an intercultural dialogue between East/West/North/South indigenous elders, activists and writers. Is a pedagogic ...

EARTH - Should Daylight Savings Time be scrapped? (Survey)
There is a lot of research that shows that it doesn't save any energy .. ...

EDUCATION - Educators Join The Movement And Launch Startups In 54 Hours
Teacherpreneurs movement is growing with more educators brining their ideas to life. Startup Weekend is a great example of how educators can make a change in education: team up with developers, designers and business people and get your idea into people's hands .. ...

ENERGY - National Poll Finds American Homeowners Overwhelmingly Want Energy Choice
Data reveals vast majority of Americans support renewables, 73 percent open to receiving clean energy from a provider other than their utility San Mateo, Calif. – Mar. 10, 2014 – Clean Edge, Inc. and SolarCity (Nasdaq: SCTY) today announced the results of an inaugural national poll of U.S. homeowners regarding clean-energy products and services. The poll […]The post National Poll Finds American Homeowners Overwhelmingly Want Energy Choice appeare ...

ENERGY - Schneider Electric selected the Top 100 teams of Go Green in the City 2014
Rueil-Malmaison (France), March, 2014 – Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management, unveiled today the 100 teams that qualified for the semi-finals of the Go Green in the City global student challenge. This year, over 12 000 students from over 462 universities participated in the challenge. As in previous years, candidates will present a.. .. ...
energy efficiency paris


ENERGY - Small biomass power plants could help rural economies, stabilize national power grid, study finds
As energy costs rise, more Americans are turning to bioenergy to provide power to their homes and workplaces. Bioenergy is renewable energy made from organic sources, such as biomass. Technology has advanced enough that biomass power plants small enough to fit on a farm can be built at relatively low costs. Now, University of Missouri researchers have found that creating a bioenergy grid with these small plants could benefit people in rural areas ...

ENERGY - Understanding the Risks of Crowdsourced Clean Energy Investing
For clean energy investors, Title III of the JOBS Act could change the game. Prior to its implementation, investing in clean energy startups or small-scale utility projects has been a pursuit reserved mainly for venture capital and private equity firms investing on behalf of their institutional and high-net-worth clients. The barrier to entry into these funds is high, with six- to seven-figure minimum buy-ins typically the norm. But in a post-JO ...

ENVIRONMENT - Can hair salons help save the environment?
Hairdressers have often played a key role in spreading information. A new study evaluates whether they could also help raise consumer awareness about the environmentHairdressers of the world: rise up and lead humanity away from its environmentally destructive path!Such a call to action may not be as far fetched as it sounds. Aside from therapists, hairdressers arguably get more personal with their customers than any other professional – and there ...
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ENVIRONMENT - Time To Tear Down Our Walls
Recent polls show the public is becoming more obstinate and unyielding about its views on climate change. We all hear it, whether it is from the friend at the gym, parroting the latest talk show mockery or the evening news, with a new science warning on climate. As these views harden, we move further and further away from solutions to climate Time To Tear Down Our Walls was originally posted on: PlanetSave. To read more from Planetsave, join tho ...

GARDENS - Reclaim our urban gardens
We tend to think of cities as being all about buildings and hard surfaces. But they're actually full of green spaces. From parks to gardens to roadsides, urban areas host an infinite number of places where nature can thrive.Here in Bristol I love how people think of the whole city as a garden here. The city farm movement started here, and within a short radius you can find guerilla gardeners creating flower beds in neglected verges, foragers gat ...

HOMES - 9 great ways to use a tiny house (other than as a home)
Tiny houses make great little dwellings for those who want to live more sustainably, but they aren't limited for use as a home .. ...

HOMES - 9 green crib mattresses to ensure your baby has a healthy, chemical-free sleep
Banish all toxic VOCs and other nasty gases from the nursery with these natural cotton, wool, latex, and coconut options .. ...

HOMES - Help get this 30ft Tree house Kitchen off the ground!
Nick – aka. The Hunter Gatherer Cook – wants to build a 30ft Tree house HQ and off-grid kitchen where he will run Foraging, butchery & cookery courses. Help him achieve the tree house dream on Kickstarter.TO THE TREES! .. ...

HOMES - [Infographic] What is Habitat for Humanity About?
We asked what Habitat for Humanity means to volunteers and people who have supported our vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live... Here's what you answered .. ...

MOVIES - Documentary Film Review: Global Spirit - Stories to Remember


MOVIES - In conversation: Charles Musser on documentary filmmaking
In February, “Errol Morris: A Lightning Sketch,” a documentary film by Yale faculty member Charles Musser, had its world premiere at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival in Montana. Musser, who is a professor of film and media studies and the director of the Yale Summer Film Institute, recently spoke with YaleNews about his film, the art of documentary filmmaking, and how documentary filmmaking informs his teaching at Yale. The following is an e ...

PEOPLE - Natural selection has altered the appearance of Europeans over the past 5,000 years
Anthropologists at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and geneticists at University College London, working in collaboration with archaeologists from Berlin and Kiev, have analyzed ancient DNA from skeletons and found that selection has had a significant effect on the human genome even in the past 5,000 years, resulting in sustained changes to the appearance of people .. ...

PLANTS - Serpentine ecosystems shed light on the nature of plant adaptation and speciation
Plants that live in unusual soils, such as those that are extremely low in essential nutrients, provide insight into the mechanisms of adaptation, natural selection, and endemism. A seminal paper by Arthur Kruckeberg from 1951 on serpentine plant endemism has served as a solid bedrock foundation for future research on the link between natural selection and speciation. A recent article in the American Journal of Botany focuses on how this paper ha ...

PLANTS - Soil acids potentially safeguards against root oxygen loss 
An Australian-Japanese collaboration has explored whether organic acids can promote the formation of barriers in the roots of wetland plants, preventing radial oxygen loss .. ...

SCIENCE - 'Super bacteria' clean up after oil spills
Researchers have achieved surprising results by exploiting nature's own ability to clean up after oil spills. Scientists know that marine bacteria can assist in cleaning up after oil spills. What is surprising is that given the right kind of encouragement, they can be even more effective .. ...

SCIENCE - A shocking diet: Researchers describe microbe that 'eats' electricity
A team of Harvard researchers showed that the commonly found bacterium Rhodopseudomonas palustris can use natural conductivity to pull electrons from minerals located remotely in soil and sediment while remaining at the surface, where they absorb the sunlight needed to produce energy .. ...

SCIENCE - Bioengineers invent 'light tube array,' 'bioscilloscope' to test, debug genetic circuits
(Phys.org) —In a significant advance for the growing field of synthetic biology, Rice University bioengineers have created a toolkit of genes and hardware that uses colored lights and engineered bacteria to bring both mathematical predictability and cut-and-paste simplicity to the world of genetic circuit design .. ...

SCIENCE - Biomolecular tweezers facilitate study of mechanical force effects on cells and proteins
A new type of biomolecular tweezers could help researchers study how mechanical forces affect the biochemical activity of cells and proteins. The devices use opposing magnetic and electrophoretic forces to precisely stretch the cells and molecules .. ...

SCIENCE - Fairview High School Wins 24th Colorado Science Bowl
Sets sights on Washington D.C. and the national title Students from Boulder’s Fairview High School beat out 47 other teams to win today’s Colorado Science Bowl. They will represent Colorado at the Energy Department’s (DOE) National Science Bowl in Washington, D.C., April 24-28, where they will compete against more than 400 students from 70 high.. .. ...
high school science competition


SCIENCE - UK joins 'super-microscope' project
The UK government is to allocate up to £185m on three international science projects .. ...

SPACE - Astronomers map out Earth's place in the universe among 'Council of Giants'
We live in a galaxy known as the Milky Way – a vast conglomeration of 300 billion stars, planets whizzing around them, and clouds of gas and dust floating in between .. ...

SPACE - Astronomers map out Earth's place in the universe among 'Council of Giants'
We live in a galaxy known as the Milky Way – a vast conglomeration of 300 billion stars, planets whizzing around them, and clouds of gas and dust floating in between .. ...

SPACE - Rosetta's Brightening Comet Emerges From Behind the Sun
Europe’s Rosetta spacecraft has resumed its decade-long journey to meet up with the inbound comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, which recently re-emerged from behind the sun. Continue reading .. ...

SPACE - US-Russian 3-Man Space Station Crew Lands Safely
US-Russian 3-man crew returns from International Space Station, lands safely yin Kazakhsta .. ...

SUSTAINABILITY - Live Q&A: sustainable sanitation
Progress towards providing decent toilets worldwide has been slow, with major health implications. Join us to discuss how to improve sanitation, Thursday 13 MarchRoughly one in three of the world's population – approximately 2.6 billion people – remain unable to access proper sanitation facilities. Lack of infrastructure for toilets, waste disposal and clean drinking water, creates a cycle of poor hygiene with serious health implications – 700,00 ...
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TREES - 'Tree of life' distances are no shortcut to conservation
Some conservation strategies assume that the evolutionary distances between species on a phylogenetic 'tree of life' (a branching diagram of species popularized by Charles Darwin) can be used to predict how diverse their biological features will be. These distances are then used to select which species to conserve in order to maximize interesting biological features -- such as potentially useful drug compounds and resilience to climate change. Bu ...

TREES - Light pollution impairs rainforest regeneration
Increasing light pollution in tropical habitats could be hampering regeneration of rainforests because of its impact on nocturnal fruit-eating bats .. ...

URBAN - A look at Bucky Fuller's dome over New York City
Savings in snow removal alone would have paid for it in ten years .. ...

URBAN - Gorgeous Green House is Wrapped in a Lush Vertical Garden in Belgium
Read the rest of Gorgeous Green House is Wrapped in a Lush Vertical Garden in BelgiumPermalink |Add todel.icio.us | diggPost tags: "green wall", "living wall", "sustainable architecture", energy efficient architecture, Green Building, green design, green roof, Milly Film, Patrick Blanc, plants, Samyn and Partners, sustainable design, vertical garde .. ...
sustainable design, green design, green building, sustainable architecture, vertical garden, patrick blanc, green wall, energy efficient architecture

URBAN - Pretty spiral bridge gets cyclists and pedestrians over ugly harbor
In some cities they work really hard to make nice and safe routes for cyclists and pedestrians .. ...

WATER - First animals oxygenated the ocean
The evolution of the first animals may have oxygenated the earth's oceans -- contrary to the traditional view that a rise in oxygen triggered their development. New research contests the long held belief that oxygenation of the atmosphere and oceans was a pre-requisite for the evolution of complex life forms. The study builds on the recent work of scientists in Denmark who found that sponges -- the first animals to evolve -- require only small am ...

WIND - In Barcelona, Siemens to exhibit its uprated D3-platform wind turbine generators
Step by step, Siemens Energy is successfully pursuing its strategy for lowering the costs of wind power. At the European annual event for the wind energy industry, EWEA 2014, being held March 10 to 13 in Barcelona, Siemens Energy’s Wind Power Division is showing how the uprated performance of its state-of-the art direct-drive D3 wind.. .. ...
siemens wind energy


WIND - Siemens direct drive wind turbine in 3 MW-class
Siemens Energy has been awarded a major order by Minnesota Power for 64 units of the company’s latest 3-MW D3 platform wind turbines to be installed at the Bison Wind Energy Center near New Salem, North Dakota. The innovative wind turbines feature a 113-meter rotor and 92.5-meter hub height and thus increased rating of 3.2.. .. ...
siemens wind energy turbine 3 mwatt


WORK - 5 changes to make that will improve your work life
Change can be scary. Beat the fear factor by choosing just one change and focus on making it happen every day for a week• This is part of our Work Better series, blogs that will help you change the world by changing how you work. Read last week's Work Better blog 7 habits of highly ineffective peopleIf you are unhappy, frustrated, unfulfilled or stressed by your work the first step is to realise that nothing will change until you do. It is the fe ...
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