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AIR - Urban air pollution exposure may trigger toxic responses in brain cells and impact neurodegenerative disease pathways
(Medical Xpress)—From diesel exhaust to gaseous pollutants and suspended particulate matter, such as dust, smoke and fumes, air pollution from transportation, industry and energy generation has taken a toll on the environment and human health .. ...

ANIMALS - Animals' Wing and Fin Motions Share Universal Propulsion Geometry
Tricks common to animals ranging from whales to insects could inspire designs for air and water vehicles .. ...

ANIMALS - Ants Build Raft to Escape Flood, Protect Queen
Resourceful ants know what to do during a flood: They build a raft and stick the queen right in the middle of it. Continue reading .. ...

ANIMALS - Baboons Use Yawns to Convey Social Messages
Gelada baboons use three separate types of yawns, differentiated by the amount of teeth and gums showing, to demonstrate friendliness and aggression .. ...

ANIMALS - Graduate student makes major discovery about seal evolution
In the world of science, one of the most exciting things a researcher can do is pin down an answer to a widely asked question. This experience came early for Carleton University graduate Thomas Cullen, who made a discovery about pinnipeds—the suborder that makes up seals, sea lions and walruses—while doing research for his Master's degree under the supervision of Canadian Museum of Nature palaeontologist Dr. Natalia Rybczynski .. ...

ANIMALS - Monkey think, monkey do: experiment could lead to paralysis cure
Scientists working on a paralysis cure said Tuesday they had demonstrated how a monkey can use only its thoughts, transferred by electrodes, to manipulate a sleeping fellow primate's arm to do its bidding .. ...

ART - Photo: Leaf cradles a drop of dew
Shimmering drop of water rests delicately on a leaf .. ...

BEES - Photo: Bee tastes a blue-eyed daisy
The blue-eyed daisy is a type of Osteospermum .. ...

BOOKS - Author of ‘Brain on Fire’ to talk about her ‘month of madness’
Susannah Cahalan, an award-winning author, will speak at Yale on Friday, Feb. 21 as a Poynter Fellow in Journalism. Cahalan will give a talk titled “Brain on Fire: Anti-NMDA, A Clinical and Case Perspective” at 10:15 a.m. at the Connecticut Mental Health Center Auditorium, 34 Park St .. ...

BOOKS - Book Excerpt: Awakening to the Sacred


BOOKS - Book Excerpt: Working on God


EDUCATION - Be a tutor AND help global education
Your listing helps the Tutors For Change Foundation build schools in underprivileged countries, contribute to literacy programs, aid in teaching supplies where needed and foster children not attending school into children receiving equal opportunities as the privileged.- Work directly with your new student or client- Create your own hours - Charge your own feesCreate your own listing at www.TutorsForChange.or .. ...

EDUCATION - Dignity in Education (Part 2)
Creative elites often cultivate an air of superiority and mystery, and resist sharing their knowledge and wisdom.read mor .. ...

EDUCATION - Six Ways to Discipline Children -- That Work!
Parenting experts offer tips on child discipline with fewer tantrums and tears .. ...

EDUCATION - Yes, College Costs Are Insane, But the Cost of Not Going Is Rising, Too
Cumulative student loan debt is now greater than credit card debt, and tuition costs just keep on skyrocketing, but according to the latest Pew research, the economic cost of not going to college is on the rise. Indeed, "when today’s young adults are compared with previous generations, the disparity in economic outcomes between college graduates and those with a high school diploma or less formal schooling has never been greater in the modern era ...

ENERGY - AREVA and Schneider Electric sign a strategic partnership agreement on energy storage
AREVA and Schneider Electric have signed a strategic partnership agreement to develop energy management and storage solutions based on hydrogen fuel cell technology.Under the terms of this agreement, both groups will combine their expertise in order to design and propose energy storage solutions that guarantee the reliability of electrical grids for isolated sites and areas where access to power is limited.AREVA will provide the Greenergy Box™, e ...
areva energy storage

ENERGY - Faulty electricity meter clocks 'could be costing households thousands'
Consumer group warns that a number of clocks are showing the wrong time, meaning bill payers are being overchargedIncorrect electricity meter clocks are going unnoticed, meaning millions of households on reliant tariffs could be paying too much, consumer group Which? has warned.The watchdog said its members had come forward to warn that their meter clocks had been showing the wrong time, potentially leaving them "significantly out of pocket".Abou ...
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ENERGY - Why America Needs a National Electricity Council
Since 1941, the National Petroleum Council (NPC) has acted as the unified voice of the oil and gas industry to advise the Secretary of Energy on domestic and international policy issues. The NPC has published over 200 influential reports on the state and future of America’s oil and gas industries, with specific recommendations on how to maximize our resources. This federally chartered but privately funded group has had a substantial impact on th ...

ENVIRONMENT - Fact or Fiction?: Fiery Fumes from a Chili Sauce Factory Could Cause Health Problems
Some California townspeople were literally in tears over a spicy smell from a hot sauce maker .. ...

ENVIRONMENT - Help Kids Create Solutions to Pollution
With a little help from us, 5th graders from Washington State will create an interactive trail and digital magazine to educate people about the importance of caring for the environment and what people can do to help. These students and their teacher are raising money to create kiosks to place on their trail so people can learn about wildlife, their watershed and composting. Small group grants will be given to students with plans to create additio ...

GARDENS - Bucketlight grows plants to liven up green-starved offices
This bucket-shaped pendant lamp intends to do double duty by adding light and plant life to drab office environments .. ...

HOMES - Are energy efficient homes making us ILL? No. Lousy ventilation systems are.
The Daily Mail digs up old news to scare people away from insulating and sealing their homes. This is stupid and wrong .. ...

HOMES - Artist Converts 1950s Ranch-style Michigan Home into a Stylish Eco Art Gallery
Brad Kopek owns a unique property in Bloomfield Twp, Michigan, where he runs a fully sustainable gallery, digital fine art lab and residence called Avatar Design House and Knowmad Gallery (ADH/K). This facility is unique in that it was completely remodeled from a 1950?s style ranch into a fully sustainable and eco-friendly facility. Brad is the designer of this 3,000 square foot remodel. In addition to producing high-end fine art images for a wid ...
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HOMES - Radiator Cozies Cut Boiler Use by up to 20 Percent
Even though the weather is pushing toward a balmy 40? in much of the U.S., it’s been a long, cold winter for much of the country. If you’re one of the tens of millions of people who live in an apartment with steam radiators, however, you may have had your window cracked open in sub-freezing temperatures because your radiator made your apartment feel like a sweltering jungle. Whether you’re an uncomfortable tenant or a building owner of one of th ...

HOMES - Upcycled cardboard boxes become stylish and comfortable eco-chairs
This minimalist rocking recliner with a simple, yet stylish, seat demonstrates the strength and durability of corrugated cardboard .. ...

MUSIC - 'Beautiful but sad' music can help people feel better
New research from psychologists at the universities of Kent and Limerick has found that music that is felt to be 'beautiful but sad' can help people feel better when they're feeling blue .. ...

MUSIC - A musician tackles his anxiety by arguing with his own subsconscious
Tom Moody is a musician struggling to find the confidence to sing. He'll have to take a surreal journey into his own mind and argue with himself and his memories of the past.Read more...    .. ...

PERMACULTURE - How to reverse desertification. With rocks.
Could strategically-placed rock walls help to re-green the desert .. ...

PLANTS - Researchers find receptor for bacterial signals in plants
Plants use receptor kinases as molecular antennas to monitor their environment but, strangely, one of them is actively cleaved. A new study discovered that one of the resulting pieces interacts with a receptor for bacterial signals .. ...

SCIENCE - Jellyfish robot teaches scientists something new about propulsion
Through a Navy-sponsored study, researchers figured out a key secret to how marine animals move through the water while developing the robot .. ...

SCIENCE - Smellizing—imagining a product's smell—increases consumer desire, study finds
Seeing is believing, but smellizing – a new term for prompting consumers to imagine the smell of a product – could be the next step toward more effective advertising .. ...

SCIENCE - Technologies for the Next Century of Brain Research
Editor in Chief Mariette DiChristina introduces the March 2014 issue of Scientific American .. ...

SPACE - Europe picks Plato planet-hunter
A telescope concept to find thousands of planets beyond our Solar System is selected as a mission of the European Space Agency to launch in 2024 .. ...

URBAN - Compostable tower made of fungi & agricultural waste to rise in NYC
This winning competition entry for a temporary installation will feature biologically cultivated bricks made with cornstalks and mushroom mycelium .. ...

URBAN - We plan to GROW the urban forest in downtown Los Angeles!

URBAN - What life will be like during the World's Fair of 2064
Humorist Stanley Bing is no Isaac Asimov but gives it a try .. ...

WATER - Hydraulic seafloor carpet could harness the energy of ocean waves
A single square meter of this wave-to-energy conversion system on a coastal seafloor could provide enough electricity to power two US households .. ...

WIND - The UK has more offshore wind power than all other countries... combined
I don't think the UK gets enough credit for its pioneering work in offshore wind power .. ...

WORK - Reasons for becoming self-employed in later life vary by gender, culture
Self-employment can allow older workers to stay in the labor market longer and earn additional income, yet little research has addressed if reasons for self-employment vary across gender and culture. Now, University of Missouri researchers have studied factors that contribute to self-employment and found these factors differ for men and women in the United States and New Zealand .. ...


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